Bulk Beef Purchases

Bulk Beef (also known as wholes, halves, or quarters) is the most cost efficient way to get our healthy, natural grass finished beef.  Our bulk beef is normally available in June and October.  Since we grass finish our beef we are at the mercy of mother nature, specifically when she provides the right amount of healthy, bountiful grass for our animals to “finish” on.

How big is a half/quarter?  A family of 4 will get between 100 and 130 meals of beef from a half beef, 50‐65 meal from a quarter.  Eating beef 2 times per week it will take the same family approx 1 year to eat a half beef or 6 months to eat a quarter.  Alternatively, you can pair up with family or friends to save money, minimize freezer requirements, and enjoy our beef.  Time Magazine article about the resurgence of bulk beef purchases:  Cow-Pooling:  Buying Beef in Mega-Bulk

The other major benefit to bulk beef is you can adjust the specifics of your meat processing (including cuts provided, thickness of steaks, size of roasts, hamburger, or stew beef packages, ect.)   T&E Meats in Harrisonburg, VA provides our butchering and packaging services and they are flexible to your processing requests.

Here is our Bulk Beef Pricing:
Prices below are based on hanging weight.  (NOTE:  Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass in the butchers freezer.  Hanging weight is typically 60% of the live weight of the animal.  Your take home beef will be approximately 60% of the hanging weight in beef.)

  • Whole steer:  $3.45/ lb hanging weight + $105 processing fee
  • Half steer:  $3.60/lb hanging weight + $55 processing fee
  • Quarter steer: $3.90/ lb hanging weight + $40 processing fee

We expect our animals to weigh between 800 to 1000lbs when leaving the farm.  Your cost will be based on hanging weight (approx. 60% of their weight when they leave the farm.)  For example:  If you purchase a quarter of an animal weighing 1000lbs, you will bring home about 90 lbs of meat for about $565.00. (The hanging weight would be approximately 600lbs).  Your haul will include everything from filet to burger for approx $6.27 a pound!

Note: Sales tax of 2.5% will be added to your purchase.

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