Meet the Farmers

Holsinger Homeplace Farm is a family farm.  Buck is the 9th generation of Holsingers to live and farm here.  He has fond memories of farming here with his Grandfathers, Uncle and brother as a teenager.

Even City Girls Like a Big Tractor

I, Amanda, was raised as a city-girl, but have taken easily to farm life.  I am trained as a Registered Dietitian, and I am enjoying helping Buck choose the best farming methods to realize our dream of providing our family with healthy, home grown food.

Farm Boys

Buck and I are the proud parents of three beautiful, energetic children.  We have started this farming adventure in an effort to feed our family the healthiest food we can.

We want our children to grow up strong and healthy. We are raising our food without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides.  Our animals are handled humanely with freedom to roam and suitable diets.

We hope to provide other families with  excellent quality grass-fed beef and eggs from free-range hens.