Grass-fed Beef

One of our 2011 Grass Finished Steers

We started raising grass-fed to finished beef to feed our own family the healthiest beef available.  To this day, we do not sell any beef that we do not feed to our family.  Here are some of the specifics about our beef:

  • 100% Grass Fed and Finished…Our animals are always allowed to graze on our mix grass pastures (no feedlots here)
  • No Hormones, Herbicides or Pesticides are used on the farm, ever!
  • Antibiotics are used very rarely and only to treat infected animals (no sub-therapeutic daily rations)…Any antibiotic use is documented and available for all customers.
  • Animals are Processed and Packaged at T&E Meats (a locally owned and operated, certified humane, USDA inspected facility)
  • Our beef is dry-aged at least 14 days prior to packaging
  • All the freezer packages are vacuum sealed and labelled ready for your freezer, and next meal

At this time we sell our Grass-Fed to Finish Freezer Beef in bulk packages.  We offer Split Quarters, Halves, or Whole Animals.  Follow the link below to review the specifics on our Beef Sales.

Contact us with any and all questions, 540.908.2299 or


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