Moving on up….

There are some exciting developments on the farm this winter!  After six years of planning, we are pleased to announce the addition of our new Pearson cattle working facilities.  Here is Buck and his shortest helper inspecting the new equipment:


This was an essential step in keeping our growing herd healthy.  In 2010, we purchased 7 cows and began farming.  Just seven years later we have over 60 beef cattle on our farm.  What does this mean for our customers?  This equipment has scales which will allow us to weigh our steer and track their growth.  The feedback from that data will improve our grazing and help us finish our steers as efficiently as possible.  This is vital to the sustainability of our farm.  As always, we strive to provide a delicious and sustainable product for our customers.

new "playground" equipment

For our children….it simply means more “playground” equipment.  That is, until we tell them that they will be helping us tag and castrate this Spring.

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